Your home is your most valuable asset and protecting it from termites should be a top priority.

Shoals Pest Control is knowledgeable in the prevention and treatment of termites in various types of new and preexisting structures. Services vary from a one time liquid treatment to a complete baiting system with a renewable contract. Below are a few indicators that termites may be present in your home:

  • After rainfall during the day or evening, the termites may “swarm”
  • Door frames, windows, and baseboards may have evidence of swarming termites present
  • Tunnels around the foundation, under windows or on the walls
  • Blistering on sheetrock

What are my termite treatment options?

Shoals Pest Control, Inc. offers two options for termite treatment, the Advance Termite Bait System or Liquid Treatment.  We offer FREE estimates for these services in order to give you the best course of treatment to fit your needs.

Advance Termite Bait System

The Advance Termite Bait System is the most convenient, less invasive, and offers colony elimination with long-term protection.

Shoals Pest Control Termite Bait System

  • Installation time is one to two hours
  • Minimal landscaping disruption
  • No interior drilling required by label
  • Services done on outside only
  • Stations are monitored on a quarterly basis and baited as needed
  • Stations are below the ground around the perimeter of the home
  • Kills the termite colony in as little as 120 days and continues to monitor for new invading colonies for long-term protection of your home
Liquid Treatments

Liquid Treatments are the oldest and most instantaneous for treating termites. However, liquid treatments are no longer the preferred method for long-term protection.

  • Treatments can take from 4-8 hours to complete
  • Drilling of the foundation is required for this treatment. In some cases, drilling may need to be done from inside the residence.
  • A trench, six inch by six inch, is required along the entire outside foundation
  • Chemical application of 100-250 gallons around the outside perimeter and underneath slab areas.
  • Family may need to leave home during treatment
  • Kills termites if they enter the treated area.  Length of protection will vary by product.  Product degrades over time and actual length of protection may vary widely depending on conditions